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OCB Odontológia Estética Ortodoncia S.A.S. was born from the initiative of Dr. Olga Celeny Becerra whose vision and skill leveraged the growth of her private practice in what is today a Highly Recognized and Recognized Odontological Center in Manizales, Colombia.

It is noteworthy that dentistry is a family tradition that has been maintained for four generations; from her grandfather, through her parents, herself and her children.

OCB, brings together the best of two worlds; tradition and experience accompanied by high technology such as the «Laser in Dentistry», as well as the latest materials and aesthetic trends worldwide.

Therefore, as a patient you will know that our attention is more than a service that is done with professionalism, it is the sum of more than 100 years of experience, passion, research and technology at your disposal.


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Only 5% of dentists in the world use laser technology



Historically, dentistry has been associated with pain, however, in OCB Odontología Estética Ortodoncia we know that this may be different. This conviction leads us to look for the latest trends and the most advanced technology worldwide to provide the best experience for our patients.

With the Laser we can attend treatments of:
Endodontics, Periodontics, Surgery, Caries removal, Rehabilitation and endless procedures.




When we talk about smile design, we usually refer to the set of procedures and techniques that are used to achieve a desired change in the appearance of the smile.

At OCB, we have the technology, the experience and the specialists in the procedures that will make your smile the design you expect.




 Dental emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We cover the management of pain originating in dentistry and the management of accidents that compromise aesthetics and adequate oral function.
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En OCB Odontología Estética Ortodoncia we have a history of more than thirty years of tourism in oral health. Due to the high demand of this service at a national and international level, we have developed an agreement with Hotel HBS (Hotel Boutique Studio) which is in charge of Dental Center.
This location privileges the attention of the patients of the clinic and allows us a constant monitoring in the treatment, as well as the immediate attention of any urgency.
The objective of this agreement is not only to provide close, practical and comfortable accommodation but also to offer the guest (patient) a variety of tour packages so that their experience in OCB and in Manizales transcends to a new level of comfort.
The objective of this agreement is to provide comfort to our patients in order to minimize the need to move the facilities of the dental center.
This agreement facilitates the services of diagnostic images such as pre and post-treatment clinical photographs, periapical and panoramic radiographs.




«I am extremely happy with the work done. Everything was done as promised and explained. Than you so much«

Gene Farber